Tales of a probate sale and a trust sale

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I have a client whose father up and died without a will and no trust in place.  Just to be clear he was in his late 70s. 

1)      Did he do this on purpose (not putting himself in a trust) to see how the heirs fended for themselves?  Was he thinking it would “bring the family together”?

2)      Or was his intelligence such that he was considered a few steers short of a full herd (I’m married to a Texan so I get these expressions all the time) or was he not playing with a full deck (also married to a poker player)?

3)      Or did he fail to predict what he needed to do and do it in a timely fashion namely BEFORE his death (or in some other people’s cases prior to losing the faculty to make the decision)?   Continue reading

Mom is safely situated in a good place now and OH NO – even more questions come up. Part 2

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You now have found a great place for mom to live. She has a home and you find you are trying to figure out what to do now.

You thought the questions would finally end and you could concentrate on yourself and your children. After all we are all trying to get some extra time for ourselves, aren’t we?

First you ask – Will mom recover enough to return home someday?

Then next – Should we rent the home month-to-month or leave the home vacant in case she does return? Our lives are so busy right now and the demand of upkeep of another home seems too overwhelming.  Continue reading