Local Hospital Saved My Friend’s Life

Good Samaritan Hospital - return home

I recently needed to take a friend to a local hospital.  I can remember when I had gone to the emergency room in the past and felt like I was just a number.  The staff in the emergency room, the surgeon and his team were terrific.  

I wanted to take pictures of the event but for some reason my friend did not like the way she looked and I could not convince her it was just for documenting the day.  I guess when you have arrive at an emergency room with pain out the roof at 10 you are not inclined to be so generous to your very, very best friend at the moment.  She still did not feel so great after 2 doses of Morphine.  But the staff was patient and accommodating.  Finally another med was used and voila the pain went down some.  The event although it did end in surgery was the best possible scenario.

I was so pleased to see great care.  You can visit their site at http://www.goodsamsj.org

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