Silicon Valley’s Real Estate Market vs. Texas

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My new husband hails from Texas and when asked where he is from (even though he has been gone to over 20 years) he still says TEXAS!

Texans always like to push out their chests and state how “Texas is bigger” and my remark to that is “So is the Real Estate Inventory”. 

The Silicon Valley is lucky to have lots of homes selling in our area.  Right now there are 2,729 active listings, 1,774 pending listing in the last 30 days and 741 closed sales in the month of November.  The number of listings in the Santa Clara County compared to last year is down 46%.  Pending sales are up 40%. 

In our match up of the two contendors – We have in this corner – listings in Silicon Valley  (Santa Clara County) at 2,729  (population 1.76 million) compared to –

Houston – 17,267 (population 2.24 million )
Dallas – 6,591 (population 1.27 million)
San Antonio – 5,920 (population 1.35 million)
Austin – 5,920 (population 758,000)   I have to admit I do have a lot of attraction for Austin and their numbers are pretty good but NOT good enough be beat the inventory figures for our area! 

So the winner is the Silicon Valley!!!

Other hopefuls who did not even make the cut were –
Detroit: 4,292 listings
Miami: 15,542
Las Vegas: 18,409
Phoenix: 8,168
New York : 11,375

To make this fair all statistics were taken from

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