How do you spell extravagance?

Check out this mansion with 23 bathrooms.   

For sale:

$75 million handyman’s dream.


A cool $150 Million price tag if completed.  What was the final  OMG was the property taxes that were quoted – Taxes alone on the property, if sold at $100 million, would be around $1.45 million annually.

I obviously do not get the appeal of a 90,000 sf home with 10 kitchens.  But I guess you can call me old fashioned. 

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Seniors in California can get a break – a property tax break

victorian homes near High Park

Is the family home just getting too big to handle or you want some more freedom and not so much housework?  One great tidbit that many seniors are not aware of is they can often keep their low property tax base and move it to another lesser priced home.   Continue reading