Where’s are the REO title insurance companies located?

Just like “Where’s Waldo?” I have to ask “Where are the REO title insurance companies located?”

I have found routinely the title insurance/ escrow companies for REO/bank owned properties are located in another county from the property.  Baring that fact in mind they often do not know what are customary closing costs for our county.  So I need to be really on the ball to confirm all costs on the buyer’s net sheet.

They also use notary signing services.  One just sent out a mobile signing service to sign off my buyer.  The file was documents the buyer was not familiar with and of course, the loan documents spelling out the terms she will be bound to for 30 years!  The notary signing service representative we were given on the last sale was nothing more than a paper pushing machine. He would the supply the next sheet as quickly as my client could sign. I was constantly slowing him down so I could explain to my client what she was signing. I had to back track to the note for the loan to go over the buyer’s terms of the loan while the notary kept looking at his watch. I think he was probably one of only a few who are like that but I know have attention on who is used for my next sign off.

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