Buyer decides more eyes are better…

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I met a buyer at a bank-owned property. He invited a trusted friend/co-worker that was knowledgeable about construction to attend the showing.

I loved it! We were able to comb over the home and felt we knew quite a bit more than the standard previewing of the home. We determined what inspections were needed to be completed. That left the buyer time to also recognize other things regarding the neighborhood that he wanted to check out  further.

I love informed and engaged buyers.

Pat Chadwell, Broker
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True Confession – I married a home inspector

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That right my now ex-husband is a home inspector.  He did/does great work and I learned a lot about construction and areas to watch out for. 

This “experience” has been invaluable in my Real Estate business.

Tidbits of information –

* New construction is not always free of defects.  They may not yet be apparent.  A home can look great but when you peer behind the curtain you may see a different story. 

*  One property I remember vividly – The woman was meticulous in her maintenance of the main part of the house.  However, when Gary, The Home Inspector, did hit inspection it was a different story.  Plumbing pipes were leaking underfloor, the furnace had a cracked heat exchanger (meaning it was leaking carbon monoxide gas into the house) and the chimney was broken.   The cost to repair/replace was about $15K.

*  Do you think a door was added off of a room to the exterior?  A couple of things to check for – is there a normal height step and an outside light with switch inside?  If not, that might not have a permit

*  Was the kitchen remodeled?  Check for GFI outlets (has the test/reset button on the outlet usually). 

*  New addition?  Check outside to see if the hose bib is equipped with an anti-siphon device.  This is a telltale indication the maybe no permits were pulled for the addition and it is not up to code.

For the small cost of a home inspection, it is imperative to get an inspection.  Go to for a credentialed home inspector.  And if they have actual construction experience that is even better.

Good luck!  Happy house hunting.