Community Emergency Response Training is complete!

Wow.  I feel I have accomplished a lot with this 20 hour training.  The last night we went through a scenario with numerous disasters around the city.  We had to operate under the command structure that the city uses.  In our scenario we lost 7 victims but our instructor said it could have been much worse.  Continue reading

Emergency Response Training Continues

The training for becoming a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is invaluable.  I am not only learning how to help others but I am getting my family emergency planning set up. 

I never used a fire extinguisher before.   We learned P.A.S.S. – Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep.  Fun but now if the emergency hits I can help effectively.

Here is the manual on this segment –

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Community Emergency Response Team

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Okay I looked at things I like to do and realized helping people was IT.

Since my kids are grown I also want to travel more and what a better way than to go traveling with a purpose to help people with their emergency needs.

I am already a Volunteer Minister ( and helped out during the aftermath of Katrina in Baton Rouge, LA

Reading through emails I read about another program – CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).  So I enlisted!  It is a 20 hours training class put on by the fire department so they have a team of volunteers that can go into action as a moment’s notice.   My class was offered by free through the Los Angeles Fire Department (  San Jose Fire Department also offers the class and I think it is $50. Continue reading