Will the real estate market change signal move ups?

Will the change in Real Estate market signal the return of move up sellers?

Since 2007, quite a few past clients, their friends and family had stopped making moves to new homes if they could put it off.

Now 4-5 years later, time has marched on and these clients have further outgrown their homes.

While lending requirements have changed dramatically the need for a real estate change has not.  I am talking to more individuals who are preparing to make a change in the coming year.

This desire to make a change is fueled by the return of more healthy real estate activity in our area, super low interest rates and more employment activity.

Making a move, that will include the sale of one property and the purchase of another, can be tricky to accomplish and it is best to talk with someone knowledgeable to work out the least stressful ways to accomplish the change.   Prior to 2008 a lot of my business was just this type.

Have you plans for a move this coming year?  What is bringing that about?  What are your questions?

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