Are you a senior or helping a senior?


Are you a senior or helping a senior?

I have found a great tool to help seniors organize their estates.  It is a simple and none threatening way to let the heirs know where are the records, bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, data on retirement accounts and possessions, etc.

I had the pleasure of again running into Jeanne K. Smith of Exit Stage Right.  She gave a very informative talk about what she finds in homes after the passing of a loved one.  I remember when I first heard her over 10 years ago that she was onto something important.

I decided to get the workbook for my mother-in-law as a casual gift not knowing how well received it would be.  Mom was thrilled and continues to comment how it is helping her get organized.  She is telling all her friends as well.  This simple workbook filled out will save the heirs countless hours and organizational costs.

Also by sending this information to someone I cared about she was willing to open up and let me know things I probably never would have known otherwise.

Jeanne, Exit Stage Right, spoke of finding keys to an RV but where was the RV?  Money in the cremated remains of the family cat.

Think of organizing your life now so your family will not have to stress over the estate.

As a broker with almost 28 years in the industry, I have seen how the process of closing out an estate can be sped up with some preplanning on the owners part.

What have you done to make sure your heirs know where everything is?

Pat Chadwell, broker, Senior Real Estate Specialist

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