Different spaces create different value

A bedroom in an AIMCO apartment home
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Different spaces create different value.

While on a real estate home tour this week I had the opportunity to consider how some homeowners’ ideas of a good addition are flawed.

Take the boxy looking home that has a bedroom on the other side of a bedroom. The original bedroom becomes a pass through to the new 2nd bedroom.  Are you kidding me???  What was the owner smoking?  The best thing for the space might be a woman’s walk-in closet!  All the cost of that added room was best used for a closet or storage area. Another home was tastefully added on.  It logically flowed from one space to another.  All the rooms’ sizes were balanced too. Now there is VALUE!

My first home was 800 square feet – a good sized 1 bedroom home.  We added on a large master bedroom and bathroom.  The common rooms still fit the number of bedrooms the home had.  The next owner added a HUGE 2nd story addition making the home now a 4b/3b home with a tiny 9’ x 9’ dining room and only a 1 car garage.  Are you kidding me – these individuals obviously did not think about a family living there.  Maybe they just ate in front of the TV, using a TV tray.

Before you consider an addition get an architect involved or ask your Realtor, trusted contractor or friends – does this addition make sense?

What unusual additions have you seen?

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