Things that turn buyers off of a short sale in San Jose

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There a many things that can turn a buyer off to a short sale.  I would love for you to add your comments. 

  • Gross dirty kitchens and bathrooms
  • Doors closed to the bedrooms – especially when other family members are in the house
  • Bedding on the couch
  • People lying or sleeping in bed
  • Light fixtures stripped from the home
  • Seller staying in the house while showing.

This really applied to all sales but really even more with a short sale as you need a buyer willing to wait for an approval for the seller’s lender(s).   Think about it would you be more willing to wait that time for an awesome property or a dump? 

Out of 6 short sales recently viewed by my clients only two looked like the sellers cared for the home.  Those were the ones that caught their attention.  That being said the staged owner occupied home really make it difficult to even consider the headache of a short sale.

What are things you see as a buyer you don’t like when in a short sale property?

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