Rant on homes shown by appointment only

Now is my time to rant a bit about sellers who insist on showing their homes by appointment only. 

While previewing a LOT of homes last week I ran into 3 homes that were by appointment only.

This action is frankly shooting the seller in the foot.  People today are busy.  For most home purchases both of the buyers must work.  That does not leave a lot of extra “spare time” to accommodate the seller’s desire for an appointment.

On the first one the seller’s agent took out the frustration on us, the previewing agents, saying why can’t you get more participation?  We asked did she put the home on the broker tour.  Well no.  Okay that agent needs to just handle the seller on getting easy access.  The seller is losing money by restricting access.

On the next the listing the remarks instructed us to call the listing agent who would set up a time with the seller to give access.  We called the evening before and when we went to the home the seller said she was not called by her agent and it was not a good time.  The confidential remarks say the seller is motivated and we saw the listing was up for 143 days!!  Dumb move.

Another seller apparently recognized their home was overpriced and instead of reducing the price or adding upgrades they told the listing agent to make the showings by appointment only.  Do they really think they will have success?

I feel better now.

What do you think?