And the answer is…

Gavel & Stryker

Per an attorney in California the top five reasons for a homeownership law suit are –

5) Non disclosure of a material fact (i.e. something not working, a death in the home, noisy neighbors, etc.)

4) Not giving the correct square footage of the home – This can always be checked with the appraisal before removing your loan contingency.

3) A handyman seller not completing the work properly – Get an independent party to verify repairs were done correctly.

2) Payments outside of escrow to any party – Under the table payments although appearing to solve an immediate problem lead to jail time for some.  Don’t do this!

1) Agents not recommending seller get tax and legal advice in the short sale – There are some many ramifications on this that is it imperative to do.  How would you feel if your past lender came after you for a $200K deficiency 3 years from now. YIKES.

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