Community Emergency Response Training is complete!

Wow.  I feel I have accomplished a lot with this 20 hour training.  The last night we went through a scenario with numerous disasters around the city.  We had to operate under the command structure that the city uses.  In our scenario we lost 7 victims but our instructor said it could have been much worse. 

The amount of information given to help for medical emergencies, disaster response (including earthquakes) and being able to spot potential risks was tremendous. 

I did my training in Los Angeles under the LA Fire Department.  It is a great program.  San Jose offers one as well for $50.

There was a group of over 20 who completed the class and was there for graduation.  We were given our vest, helmets and gloves.   Pretty cool!

Odd ball Tidbits of Info –

  • You should store 14 days of water – calculating 1 gallon of water per person per day.  Yes that’s right – for a family of 4 that is 54 gallons.   
  • Don’t get too close to a bombing site – often times there are secondary devices aimed to hurt the disaster response people.   They showed a video of this one – pretty alarming.
  • If you run into someone who lost a finger or other body part wrap it up in a clean cloth and sent it with the victim to the hospital.  Often times they can reattach with minimal loss of use.  Amazing really.
  • A tampon can be used to stop bleeding of a bullet wound.  Leave it to the EMTs to find a good solution.

My next class is with the Red Cross – 1st Aid and CPR.  I figure with all this and my volunteer minister training I am in good position to help in a disaster.

More info on What is a Cert –

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