What does Triage mean anyway?

I always heard the word used in Emergency rooms etc. but had no clue.  It means “to sort”.  Our CERT training went into how to help in an emergency with more than one victim. 

What are signs to look for —-
_ Airway obstruction.
_ Excessive bleeding.
_ Signs of shock.

Then how to categories them so you can help the most people.

Later in the class was more intense. It showed examples of injuries especially major ones and what you can do about them in the field before the medical team comes.  What do you do if someone is impaled or loses a limb?  How do you stop bleed on the top of the head?

I encourage you to get the training if you like to help and want to feel more at cause in an emergency.  In Los Angeles this training is free (http://www.cert-la.com) and in San Jose it is $50.  For San Jose scheduling go to http://www.sanjoseca.gov/emergencyServices/sanjoseprepared/Classcal.asp

Here is the manual for one of the segments we just did – http://www.cert-la.com/manuals/PM-CERT-Unit4Rev4.pdf