Relocation – the right way?

I have clients who are relocating from the East Coast.  They bought their New York home in haste and have regretted it.  They started their current search for their new home wide open.  We started searching Pleasant Hill and Castro Valley to the north east, Morgan Hill to the south and Santa Cruz & Aptos to the west.   After a two day road trip we were able to eliminate many areas to concentrate on the best spots for their needs.

How to start a home search – 

  • Make a list of things that are important to you in the home, neighborhood, schools, climate and living. 
  • Figure out what is imperative to have, what is nice to have and what you might live without.
  • Get on the internet and search out those important items.  My clients were very interested in good schools – In their case smaller schools with lots of parent involvement.
  • Plan to get out with a Realtor and see the different areas.  Do a sampling of the areas.  You can get a lot of feelings about an area by just driving around.
  • Once some areas are identified you can get more information from your Realtor, internet and others.
  • In the case of relocation if you have the luxury of time do temporary housing so you can again relook at the places identified and see if you feel the same the 2nd and 3rd time around.  I know this comment is not going to be appreciated by a number of Realtors but I want my clients happily situated in a home they love.  After all that is how I grow my business, happy clients that refer their friends to me.

If you have more questions on this or care to comment let me know.