Needing to care for the parents

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More and more of my clients are experiencing  “needing  to care for their parents”.  Having been through that myself and helping a lot of other clients I can tell you it is a struggle.

The mother of one of my clients just passed a couple of weeks ago.  They did have a trust in place which was excellent.  The family took about a week to catch up on sleep following months of sleep deprived nights on the love seat next to her bed. 

Now the long process of cleaning out the family home of many decades and doing the improvements to make the home more marketable.  That can be an emotional time for many.

I let my clients know they can call on me if they get stalled.  Some stall on sorting through the possessions.  Some do not know where to start.  Some get overwhelmed by the loss as they are in the home.  Having someone that you can talk to and battleplan the next actions make all the difference in the world.  By the end of the process I feel like one of the family. 

There is a box on our multiple listing sheet –Related to seller?  I often feel I should check you at this box.  It is a rewarding feeling. 

I work in the Santa Clara County area.  I can also link you up with a good professional to help in needed.  To find an agent who specializes in Senior Real Estate go to Currently there are only 16,000 SRES out of 1.11 Million Realtors.

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