Community Emergency Response Team

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Okay I looked at things I like to do and realized helping people was IT.

Since my kids are grown I also want to travel more and what a better way than to go traveling with a purpose to help people with their emergency needs.

I am already a Volunteer Minister ( and helped out during the aftermath of Katrina in Baton Rouge, LA

Reading through emails I read about another program – CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).  So I enlisted!  It is a 20 hours training class put on by the fire department so they have a team of volunteers that can go into action as a moment’s notice.   My class was offered by free through the Los Angeles Fire Department (  San Jose Fire Department also offers the class and I think it is $50.

Last week’s class went over fire safety.  The instructor answered tons of questions including how long are fire extinguishers good? How can you get your extinguisher to last longer by hitting it with a rubber mallet? What do I do in an earthquake?  How do I shut off the gas and when should I do it? Tons of information is at the site mentioned above.

I guess when I graduate I get a green helmet and vest.  I already don a yellow Volunteer Minister’s shirt so I hope I look good in both.  To tell the truth I wanted to have enough skills that I would not just be put on moving supply boxes around.  I wanted to be in the action.  Do you have that interest as well?

I, of course, love to help my clients with their Real Estate needs so I am helping all day long.  Great life!

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