Sunny sales in Sunnyvale


The number of active single family homes in Sunnyvale is 114.  The pending sales in the last 30 days were 73 and closed sales thus far in April are 30 (4/21). Listings for this area are down 25% over last year.

The price range for the active homes ranged from $340,000-$1,625,000. The median list price is $827,500.

The listing price range for the pending sales is $348,000-$1,399,000. Pending sales are up 22% over last year.

The number of condos/townhomes on the market is 67, with pending sales for the last 30 days at 38 and closed sales in April are 15  as of 4/21.

As of April 21, in the Santa Clara County the inventory for active listings of single family homes was 2537 and condo/townhomes is 1062. Totaling 3599 for both. This figure is 30% less than last year at this time.

The number of homes and townhome/condos that went into contract over the last 30 days was 2195 (single family – 1586, condo/townhome – 609). This figure is up over last year. This figure is really influence by the federal tax credit that is going to lapse soon.

The number of closed sales in March was 1215. For April (as of 4/21) the figure is 766.

To benefit from the Federal homebuyer’s credit you would need to be in contract by April 30th. There are income restrictions and, of course, time restrictions. Also California has put into place a $10,000 credit for first time home buyers. This can be for both new and existing construction. That program is running out of funds so if you want to use it – do it now!

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