Florida & Arizona Beat California – what’s the score?

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After seeing headlines – Ten states account for more than 70% of nation’s first quarter total

Highest was California which accounted for 23% of the foreclosure filings at 216,263 properties and 2nd was Florida at 153,540.  Arizona came in 3rd with 55,686.

This got me thinking about what percentage of each state’s population was hit with new foreclosure filings for the 1st quarter of this year.  See the table – each was surprisingly under 1% of its population – wouldn’t you have thought it was WAY more?  Secondly, by population, California has considerably fewer filings. 

state population foreclosure % of pop.
CA 36,961,664 216,623 0.0059
FL 18,328,340 153,540                   0.0084
AZ 6,595,778 55,686                   0.0084

It just goes to show you there is a need to check behind the figures that are forwarded.

For more information go to- http://www.realtytrac.com/contentmanagement/pressrelease.aspx?channelid=9&itemid=8927

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