Cute Raccoon

I was sitting at my home office which has a sliding door right next to me.  It was just after dark.  I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  A raccoon.  AHHHH…how cute. 

I watched him for a couple of minutes admiring his coat and graceful actions.

Then I remembered 6 years ago a mama raccoon watching her young attacked my little rat terrier, Sparky.  He has a ferocious bark but is a totally wimpy dog.  When the raccoon attacked my dog, Sparky, rolled over in a submissive pose and was almost done for except my husband raced to the rescue – throwing rocks.  He was almost upon the raccoon before she let go of her death grip on Sparky’s neck.  Sparky bloodied and traumatized went to the doctor and got antibiotics.  He now sports a cut ear as a badge of honor.  But as a result I immediately grew very militant towards raccoons.  I know that is not okay BUT “they” attacked my baby.

So I decided to do a search regarding raccoons to see if I should moderate my old viewpoint some and allow this “cute” raccoon to put up habitation in my yard.

While I am less aggressive toward the species, I have decided that “cutie” can live somewhere else.  Raccoons carry a lot of bad bacteria and will consume fruit and vegetables in a garden.  We have been working too hard to grow a great crop of veggies and fruits this year.  If they pick up residence underfloor they contaminate the area.  So that raccoon can live somewhere else right now – Thank  you very much!

Sparky - who would want to hurt him?




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