Mom’s getting older. Are there options?

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More and more of us are having to ponder questions about what is the best thing for our aging parents.   Some of the possible choices are – 

  1. Pay for full-time care in home.  This option works well for someone with a lot of reserves to cover the high costs of care.   You can go to a company that specialized in that type of care.  I have also found that asking around at your church or the parent’s church or social network you might find a very caring individual who will stay in the home at a far reduced rate.  This option tends to work well if there is not an intense medical issue.  Be sure to check references though.
  2. Move to a care facility. There are also lots of options here.  Some smaller homes are the best setting for a parent.  There are lots of assisted living facilities.  Some for those still independent individuals like the Atrium of San Jose or Sunrise of Sunnyvale.   
  3. If you look at making changes BEFORE the need is there you can get them in a place that offers transitions for the family member over time.   They have the independent section and then offer a skilled nursing facility as the need changes.  You must work this out BEFORE there is a need though.

I have had some experience with all of these from assisting my family members to helping other families that came to me asking about Real Estate. 

After checking references I would also be aware that the use of medications is increasing exponentially.  It is sad to say I had to watch carefully so that my family was not drugged for no good reason.  The “medications” while they might sound good can leave your family member in a bit of a stupor and these meds are not tested on older folks… they are tested on the younger population.   I was in one Memory-impaired unit and I would say 90% of the individuals were hardly moving and many were in wheelchairs.  They were giving anti-depression drugs freely and the result was a docile population.  I just had to ask myself -Is that living?  What is best for the parent?  Are they really depressed or were they easier to control?  So please do your checking.  Take tours.  Drop by unannounced.  Get referrals. 

Check back for my next blog… Mom is safely situated in a good place now even more questions come up.  Read part 2.

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