Seniors in California can get a break – a property tax break

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Is the family home just getting too big to handle or you want some more freedom and not so much housework?  One great tidbit that many seniors are not aware of is they can often keep their low property tax base and move it to another lesser priced home.  

If you are 55 or older in California then you might have way to move and keep your super low property tax basis.  Thanks to Proposition 60 and Proposition 90 this is available.   

Santa Clara County has put on its website the explanation of Proposition 60.

Effective 2/10/10, the following Counties in California have an ordinance enabling Proposition 90 – Alameda  –  Orange  –  San Mateo  –  Ventura –  Los Angeles –  San Diego  –  Santa Clara – El Dorado

There is paperwork involved but these propositions have saved some of my clients significant taxes over the years.  It is great to see that a number of counties are still opting to stay in the “program”.   

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