How prepared are you in an earthquake?

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My husband recently sent me some emails on earthquake preparedness.  This came after we get discussing the earthquake in Haiti.

I was trying to get over there for 8 days with my volunteer organization but I only could go if I would commit for 14 days (but they said it might be longer due to lack of flights into the airport) so right now I wait and surf the web for other ways to get into the country.  While searching for other ways in I came across more earthquake preparedness tips. has some great data.

I find I have my attention on Haiti as most folks do.  One friend said “Let me know if you go over there I might go as well.”  When it looked like I might go she asked about accomodations.  Tent? Hotel?  My answer was I want to be out of doors in an active earthquake area.  She wanted the comforts of a hotel room but then the 6.1 aftershock happened and she said a tent might be smarter. 

Then I came another site that that mentions things to do around the house.  I made a note to go over this with my husband at our next opportunity.

I hope you take the time to get your home ready.  It is certainly nice to know our homes are constructed way better than most of those lost in Haiti.  We can do more to make our space safe.  Good luck!

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